Realto continues investing in sustainable energy efficient technologies

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In 2011, Realto together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Government and the Latvian Environmental Investment Fund participated at the project “Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Utilising Solar Energy in Building on Atlasa Street 8, Riga” and obtained a very positive experience, therefore, this year the energy efficiency project is implemented in Dzelzavas Business Centre on Dzelzavas Street 74, Riga.

In the end of the year, polycrystalline silicon solar panels with the total power of 27kW will be installed at the 7,819.2m2 large Business Centre. These panels will provide significant saving of procured amount of electricity. Installation of equipment will be conducted by AJ POWER, in line with the requirements of the laws and regulations.

This is just one of the many activities planned by Realto and directed towards energy efficiency.

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