Legal address rent, virtual offices in Latvia

We offer legal address rent to your company!

Virtual office

Virtual office is a service that includes rent of a legal address and allows the company to grow legally and professionally while saving costs. This service is particularly popular with start-ups because it allows you to start a planned business without paying extra for physical space and without incurring additional obligations. It is also beneficial for entrepreneurs who travel frequently, are abroad or are planning to change their business profile.


The virtual office rental offer currently includes three options from which each company can choose:

Legal address rental – This service offers the company to rent a legal adress without any additional services. The company is registered at a pre-agreed address, thus being able to legally start / continue operations.

Legal adress and mailbox The service provides not only the company’s registration at the legal address, but the tenants are also given a mail box to accept the company’s mail.

Legal address, mailbox rental and acceptance of correspondence – Offer includes legal address and mailbox rental, as well as the acceptance and forwarding of correspondence.

Types and costs of services

  • Consent for registration of legal address in one of our business centers and mailbox – 40 EUR / month. The minimum rental period is 12 months, 100% advance payment for the entire period. Total 480 EUR + VAT.
  • Extra service – Checking the mailbox once every 2 weeks and informing the customer about the arrival of the mail – 10 EUR / month.
  • Rent of work place on request – 50 EUR / day.

A deposit of 100 EUR will be asked when signing contract. Depesit will be refunded upon termination of the contract by the service provider un-registering his business address from our property address.

You can register your legal address and virtual office in the following business centers:

Čiekurkalns Quarter, Tēraudlietuves street 22

Business center Hansa Gates, Pētersalas street 1b, Rūpniecības street 54

Brasla Business center, Braslas street 29, 29a

The price includes the mailbox and consent to the legal address to be submitted to the Business Register.

If you will decide to rent premises in one of Realto’s properties then mailbox rental will be for free. Price per square meter depends on the location and the current state of the premises. Estimated price is from 5 – 7 EUR / m2.

There are a number of reasons why you may need to rent a legal address.

Most people use legal address rental services because they do not want to use their home address as a business address. If you do not own the real estate, the registration of the legal address often has to be agreed with the owner.

Some types of businesses do not require a permanent job space, so they choose to use legal address rental services.

If you are planning to start your own business, but you do not have a legal address, renting a legal address is a good solution. Renting a legal address is a relatively cheap service, but it can play an important role in the development of your business. You can get your legal address at any Realto business center – check them out here.

If you choose to rent the legal address with us, we will issue the owner’s consent to the registration of the legal address, which must be submitted to the Register of Companies.

The legal address of the company will certainly be one of the factors that will be taken into consideration by your business partners or direct customers. A legal address in a recognizable business center will certainly be considered more reliable than an address in the “Apple pie” of Naukšēni County.


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Premises – 617m2

  • €3,702.00
  • €6.00
  • 617 m2
  • Commercial premises, Office, Production facilities, Warehouse

Premises for a shop or salon

  • €3,080.00
  • €7.00
  • 440 m2
  • Commercial premises, Shop-Warehouse

Retail space with warehouse

  • €1,380.00
  • €4.00
  • 345 m2
  • Commercial premises, Shop-Warehouse

Premises for shop, warehouse, production

  • €6,720.00
  • €8.00
  • 840 m2
  • Commercial premises, Production facilities, Services, Shop-Warehouse, Warehouse


  • €2,650.00
  • €5.00
  • 530 m2
  • Production facilities, Warehouse

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