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Mans Realto | Loyalty program

Mans Realto | Loyalty program

You are welcome to join the loyalty program Mans Realto! It is developed only for the lessees of Realto, aiming to give them an opportunity to provide services to each other at special prices, at the same time receiving diverse external services with discounts from Mans Realto.

Realto is one of the largest business park developers in Latvia, which has found homes for over 500 companies in 8 various business centers. Representing such industries as IT, telecommunications, metalworking, construction, food production, printing art, pharmaceutics, etc, it has managed to unite companies from various sectors of economy for the purpose of their mutual cooperation. Participating in the Mans Realto loyalty program, your company will have a chance not only to offer its services or products at the best prices, but also to enjoy discounts for various kinds of offers.

How it works? Seeking to increase its client base or to strengthen the current marketing campaign, the company makes an offer with a specific amount of discounts. Companies and private persons will receive these discounts by contacting the relevant company or showing the MansRealto loyalty card. In such a way, you can save on high-class products and services, which could be used not only for recreation, gifts or personal needs, but also for a fast and successful development of your business.

Companies acquire a reliable and friendly client base, and private persons – checked-out, qualitative and well-known products or services. A list of our participants include such companies as Zemgus poligrāfija, Certes, Vegetarian Foods, Pica Lulu, Cobra logistics, FlyMeAway, Alkoutlet and many others.

To grant or receive discounts, please visit the website of Mans Realto – www.mansrealto.lv and study commercial offers you are interested in.

Please feel free to contact us, offering a discount or asking a question, at birojs@realto.lv

Let’s support each other’s business!

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