Co-working spaces

We offer the opportunity to rent a working place in the co-working space!

The co-working concept has evolved very fast over the last five decades. Thanks to start-ips and the specifics of Internet technology services, many businesses have no need for large office spaces.

Coworking space is a place where several independent entrepreneurs can take up their activities in a common shared environment. The main contribution of a co-working space is the acquisition of new contacts and smaller costs. The co-working spaces are popular in the start-up environment, where businesses often do not have more than 3 people in their team, but need a professional working and meeting place.

In this way, companies do not only create synergies with each other, but they also acquire a fully furnished working place and access to conference rooms. If you choose to rent a seat at a co-working space, you will be given access to: spacious and bright rooms, a kitchen where you can have coffee and lunch, a furnished, fully equipped interior, a fast internet connection and a free parking space.


Ieva Reine

Phone: +371 29209555


Office premises with 4 rooms

  • €435.00
  • €5.00
  • 87 m2
  • Office

Office 508.60m2

  • €3,051.60
  • €6.00
  • 508 mc2
  • Office

Spacious office space at 74 Dzelzavas Street

  • €630.00
  • €5.00
  • 125.70 m2
  • Office, Services

Office 19.4 m2

  • €165.00
  • €8.50
  • 19 m2
  • Office

500 m2 warehouse + office

  • €1,650.00
  • €3.00
  • 550 m2
  • Office, Production facilities, Warehouse

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